KCDRead - Reading Kurzweil Media

Open Source Project

The Kurzweil samplers of the K2x00 series are on the market for a long time now, proving that quality persists.

As time has gone by, the hardware environment changed. Hard disks became larger and CD Roms faster. Unfortunately, the K doesn't really know how to work with new drives.

This Project is intended for solving this gap. The Kurzweil's filesystem is quite near to the old MSDOS FAT16 standard. It's not too hard to decode it.

There's already a free Win32 program that reads K2x00-CDs using Adaptec's Aspi-functions (KCdRead Win32). I decided to publish the decoding algo with the intention that other platforms can be supported, too.

Writing a GUI would also be nice, perhaps we can merge the KCDRead code with a filebrowser. Feel free to make suggestions.

Here's a link to the KCDRead Forum

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Project Page at SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kcdread

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Marc Halbrügge